21 Unique Cedar Fence Ideas from Our Favorite Central Texas Projects

by  Lauren Lockett-Summers
Last Updated: Apr 29, 2024
21 Unique Cedar Fence Ideas from Our Favorite Central Texas Projects

If you’re considering a new cedar fence to protect the privacy of your home and yard, you don’t have to stick to plain boards. There are plenty of options for unique wood fences and cedar fences in Austin, Texas.

Whether you prefer modern, classic stained wood, a front yard picket fence, or a custom design that reflects your home’s look, check out these cedar fence design ideas to inspire you.

1. Cedar board on board on retention wall

Corner of a board on board retention wall.
©Austex Fence and Deck

If you have a retaining wall on your property, installing a cedar fence on top can create a modern look. A cedar board-on-board fence is a type of fencing that has vertical boards placed side by side with alternate boards overlapping each other. Available in 6-foot or 8-foot options, this is ideal for privacy because the arrangement creates a solid and seamless barrier with no gaps to see through.

2. Cedar board on board fence with a top cap on a slope

Sloped board on board wood fence with top cap.
©Austex Fence and Deck

If you want a simple and modern look to accommodate a fence on a sloped landscape, a cedar board on-board fence with a top cap, also known as a top rail or cap rail, is a great option. The top cap is a horizontal piece of material that’s attached to the top of a fence post or a series of fence posts to minimize water damage and enhance the fence’s decorative appearance. 

3. Shadowbox cedar fence

©Austex Fence and Deck

One of the most unique cedar garden fence ideas is a shadowbox cedar fence. This privacy fence is designed to look good on both sides. It uses tall pickets with vertical boards that are alternated on either side of the fence rail, rather than the same side of the horizontal rails.

Traditional fences have pickets that stack side by side, but shadowbox fences alternate on either side of the rails to allow some light to pass through and create shadows. If you have dogs, the design of a shadowbox fence allows pets to see out safely without getting out or interacting with people and wildlife on the other side. 

The final look is a semi-private fence that’s more visually appealing than some other options. Shadowbox pickets can be moved closer together for more privacy and the caps can be finished with different edges for a custom design. 

4. Cedar basket weave fence 

Light brown basketweave fence.
©Austex Fence and Deck

A cedar basket weave fence is a type of fence that has a weaving pattern that resembles a woven basket. This unique take on a semi-private fence is one of the best rustic cedar fence ideas. Despite the complexity in the design, there’s no additional maintenance with a basket weave fence than any other type of cedar fence.

5. Cedar good neighbor fence

Example of a good fence etiquette. Fence between two backyards.
©Austex Fence and Deck

If your fence line faces a neighboring property, choosing a good neighbor fence is not only the “neighborly” thing to do but an incredibly durable fence design. Instead of showing the posts and panels to your neighbors, both sides of your fence are identical and attractive from all angles.

While the main aspect of these fences is that they provide the same view from both sides, you can enhance them with custom options that fit your home’s aesthetic.

6. Vertical cedar fence

Flat top wood fence.
©Austex Fence and Deck

A vertical cedar fence is a traditional style of fence that consists of boards or pickets that are attached vertically to horizontal stringers. The fence posts are typically 8 feet apart. These fences are often more durable than horizontal fences because of how the weight is distributed across the perimeter.

If you have uneven ground, such as a sloped landscape, a vertical fence is a better choice to accommodate the terrain than horizontal boards. You can get vertical fences with tight boards for privacy or open pickets that allow natural light and visibility. Cap boards, lattice tops, and other decorative elements may be used to enhance the appearance.

7. Board-on-board horizontal cedar fence

Corner of a board on board wood fence.
©Austex Fence and Deck

A board-on-board fence is a type of wood privacy fence that uses overlapping pickets to prevent gaps from forming. These fences are ideal if you’re looking for privacy and security with aesthetic appeal. 

8. Cedar garden fence 

Cedar wood fence with top cap and decorative climbing plants
©Austex Fence and Deck

Cedar garden fences can be decorative barriers that protect plants, flowers, and young trees. Like other cedar fences, garden fences are good for repelling insects and decay, withstanding rot, and keeping out wildlife that may eat your plants.

9. Cedar fence with lattice top 

Wood fence shot from the corner with a lattice top in an Austin, Texas backyard
©Austex Fence and Deck

A cedar fence with a lattice top is both practical and decorative for your yard. This fence uses a framework of wood that comes together at 90-degree angles to form a decorative pattern. The lattice leaves no open spaces in the fence, allowing for some privacy and natural light.

10. Cedar privacy fence 

Board on board wood fence
©Austex Fence and Deck

Cedar privacy fences are a top pick for homeowners because they provide a natural barrier with privacy and security. They also provide shade and can be customized to your aesthetic with different styles of lattice, top rails, posts, and more.

11. Cedar vertical slatted fence with gate 

©Austex Fence and Deck

A cedar vertical slatted fence with a gate is a contemporary fence design that can be used for privacy. Also known as Venetian or slat fence panels, these fences are popular for garden design. The vertical boards can be spaced closely for more privacy or further apart for an open look. The gate can be designed to match the fence and offers a functional and convenient way to enter your yard. 

12. Cedar fence with ornamental black iron posts and pickets

Wood fence with iron rails and posts
©Austex Fence and Deck

A cedar fence with exposed black posts is a durable option with a striking look. The black iron creates contrast with the rich red of cedar, or you can choose different cedar fence stain ideas for your own look. You can enhance the look further with ornamental iron details for the posts or gate

13. Horizontal cedar fence with exposed metal posts

Horizontal wood fence with exposed black posts
©Austex Fence and Deck

Similar to cedar fences with iron, a horizontal cedar fence with exposed metal posts and pickets is a sharp and modern design that enhances your home’s curb appeal while giving your fence privacy and durability. The exposed metal posts not only improve the aesthetic but strengthen the fence.

14. Horizontal cedar fence with wood posts 

Six foot horizontal wooden fence
©Austex Fence and Deck

If you prefer the classic look of an all-wood horizontal fence, a horizontal cedar fence with wood posts is a stable and attractive option. These fences are sleek and stable, especially with posts that are placed at 6-foot increments, and can cover more distance. 

15. Cedar fence incorporating nature 

Wood fence in an Austin, Texas backyard incorporating a tree
©Austex Fence and Deck

If you have landscaping elements that are difficult to relocate or build a fence around, cedar can be attractive with these elements creatively incorporated into the design. In this example, the vertical fence is built around the tree, allowing it to stay in place while still achieving privacy and security.

16. Cedar fence for backyards 

Cedar wood fence in an Austin backyard with trees overlapping the fence
©Austex Fence and Deck

If you have a large backyard to fence in, cedar is an affordable and versatile option. You can get a privacy fence that keeps onlookers from seeing inside while keeping children and pets inside. However, you can get a backyard fence that allows some light in, like a shadowbox or lattice fence design. The options are truly limitless. 

17. 6 ft cedar fence with steel posts 

eight foot privacy fence with four rails and steel posts
©Austex Fence and Deck

If you want a modern fence that’s also durable, a cedar fence with steel posts has a bold look and more strength and security than wood alone. A 6-foot cedar fence with steel posts can be made with heavy gauge galvanized steel. Steel strengthens the weak parts of a fence and improves longevity, possibly extending the lifespan by decades. Steel posts are also fireproof and resist high winds. 

18. 6 ft cedar fence with horizontal gaps 

Six foot horizontal fence with one inch gaps between slats
©Austex Fence and Deck

A 6-foot cedar fence with horizontal gaps is a standard size for a privacy fence and offers as much or as little privacy as you choose. You can have wide gaps to allow natural light and visibility or minimal gaps that limit outside onlookers from seeing inside. 

19. 8 ft cedar fence  

Cedar wood vertical pickets fence installation in Austin
©Austex Fence and Deck

If you want more privacy, an 8-foot privacy fence makes it impossible for even the tallest people to look over. They also limit the possibilities that wildlife can climb or jump and get into your yard. With this height, you can still choose different options for decorative elements or designs.

20. Horizontal cedar fence with gate 

Horizontal wood fence with cap and trim and a two hinge double wide gate
©Austex Fence and Deck

A horizontal cedar fence with a gate gives you quick and convenient access to your yard from the outside instead of going through your home. These gates can be designed to stand out or to match the rest of your fence and provide a secure entryway to your yard or garden.

21. Cedar dog ear fence pickets 

six foot privacy fence with dog ear style pickets
©Austex Fence and Deck

Dog ear fence pickets are a design that has cuts to the corners to create a “dog ear” shape. This design is common with cedar fences and can be used for both privacy and as an aesthetically pleasing border.

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