Austex takes pride in designing high-quality wood fences for all of Austin and Central Texas to maximize privacy, security, and long-lasting beauty. Our wood fencing products are durable and carefully built to meet your unique design preferences.

Austex will help you create the atmosphere you want for your yard in both design and build type. Choose a tall wooden fence for added privacy and security or a small wooden fence that highlights your garden or storage area. Either way, you’ll love your wooden fence when you choose Austex.

Customized Wood Fences for Your Central Texas Property

Whether you choose one of our most popular fence styles, or custom design your own, you can expect a well-engineered, properly installed wooden fence. When you need a fence installation in Austin that you can trust, look no further than Austex. Our wood fencing contractors in the Austin and Central Texas area work with you to create high-strength, beautiful wood fencing that:



Adds privacy to your Austin and Central Texas yard


Sound Buffer

Buffers loud exterior noises


Property Value

Enhances your curb appeal and property value

Hides unattractive yard views


Hides unattractive yard views


Highlights beautiful yard features and gardens


Keeps pets safe and secure



Offers a safe play area for children


Blocks excess wind or sunlight


Wood fencing materials

Choosing the right wood fencing materials helps ensure you love your final product. Austex customers often choose the western red cedar for their wood fence because of its durability and resistance.

Austex Fence and Deck sources all its wood fencing materials from premium manufacturers, so you know you’re always getting the best product.

Western Red Cedar Wood

Western red cedar fence pickets are our number one choice. This beautiful red cedar wood is used by many Austin and Central Texas homeowners because of its natural beauty and durable, resistant design.

Homeowners also have a lot of design choices with western red cedar. You can leave it unfinished for a natural, rustic weathered look or stain it to your favorite wood color for an even longer life expectancy. You’ll need to re-stain your western red cedar fence every couple of years if you choose this option.

Western Red Cedar Wood

Types of Wood Fencing

With Austex, Central Texas homeowners have a wide range of fence types to choose from, such as modern-style horizontal or board-on-board fences. Alternatively, good neighbor and lattice fences offer more customization and a classic curb appeal.

Horizontal cedar wood fence with black iron posts and purple tree

Horizontal Fence

The horizontal fence is modern and practical, making it a popular fence type in Central Texas. Horizontal wood fencing also offers customizations with height and length variations and space differences between each of the fence parts.

Cedar privacy fence

Cedar Privacy Fence

The cedar privacy fence is a customer favorite at Austex. It includes a fence design with solid wood pickets and simple construction with crisp, clean lines. Central Texas homeowners can change up their fence design for a more personalized look with the many subtle variations in picket width and top accents. Austex can customize cedar privacy fence cuts to any height.

Board on Board Fence

Board on Board Fence

Austin homeowners who want maximum privacy and security enjoy our board-on-board fence. This design includes a fence picket on a fence picket, offering a private, fully enclosed yard. The board-on-board fence can also be a low-maintenance option, as it covers line separation from wood shrinkage while also adding a depth element to your fence design.

Good Neighbor Fence

Improve both your and your Central Texas neighbor’s curb appeal with a good neighbor fence. The good neighbor fence from Austex includes alternating wood fencing panels with cedar picket-wrapped posts for a design that’s appealing, no matter which side of the fence you’re on.

Bullwire Fence

Bullwire Fence

Choose a bullwire fence for a rustic yet modern look. The bullwire fence from Austex uses a blend of wood and iron fencing, making it a good option for your front yard when you want to maintain consistent airflow, sunlight, and views, even with a fence.

Shadowbox Fence

Shadowbox Fence

Control how much sunlight or privacy your yard gets with a shadowbox fence. By spacing pickets on both sides of the shadowbox fence, we can help you create a completely customized design.

Lattice Fence

Lattice Fence

A lattice fence is a simple, unique fence material choice. Our lattice fences feature a beautiful, detailed design with crisscrossed accents. Lattice fences are also a great choice for surrounding a garden and can even become a part of your garden by supporting growing vines and roses.

Dog Eared Fence

Dog Eared Fence

Austex can accommodate sloping terrain with dog-eared fences. Our dog-eared fences feature unique, angled corners, giving the impression of a dog’s ear. Dog-eared fences are a great choice for uneven terrain.


Wood Fencing Cost

A lot of factors go into wood fencing costs, including the type of fence design.

The size of your yard and how much wooden fencing material you need factor into the cost of a new wood fence. Taller wood fences require more material, which means they come at a higher price point.

Other factors can also affect how much you can expect to pay for a wood fence in Central Texas. Some terrain is easier to work with, and sloping land may cost more to ensure a secure fit. The fence posts and gates you choose can also influence cost.

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Financing Options

Austex offers special financing with approved credit for your wood fence. The application process is fast and convenient, and it provides you with a revolving line of credit for all your fencing and deck needs.

Wood Fencing Components

Austex wood fencing includes posts, pickets, rails, and gates. With a variety of wooden fencing components, you can mix and match to create a completely customized design.
Fence Posts

Austex offers three fence post materials: metal, cedar, and treated pine. Metal posts are popular among Central Texas homeowners because of their exceptional strength and durability. Metal posts are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Cedar posts are durable while also offering a contemporary design. Cedar posts last between 6-10 years, but they may not last as long if installed in dry areas. Cedar posts are best used as a framed fence rather than a front-mounted panel fence. Treated pine posts are made with premium wooden materials that come directly from the mill.

Wood Fence Pickets

Wood fence pickets are the slats or boards that make up a fence. Central Texas homeowners can choose from a variety of picket heights, lengths, and materials. Popular wood fence picket materials from Austex include flat-top, dog-eared, western red cedar, or rightwood.

Fence Rails & Gates

Choosing the right wooden fence rails and gates helps complete your unique design. Austex often uses cedar rails because they’re extremely durable against warping and cracking, even in the most extreme Texas heat. Austex can install an even cedar rail fence on most properties in Central Texas, despite common ground variations, by installing rails 1 to 2 inches off the ground. Austex installs fence rails and gates differently than other fencing contractors in Austin and Central Texas. We build all gates with three rails and three hinges to ensure reliable security, solidity, and longevity.


Our Completed Wood Fences

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Wood Fencing FAQ

What type of wood fence lasts the longest?

Some wood fence materials last longer than others, redwood, pressure-treated pine, and cedar tend to last the longest.

How long does a cedar fence last in Texas?

Cedar fences can last between 10 and 30 years in the most humid climates, including Texas. Even other home projects that use cedar with zero maintenance are capable of lasting between 10-15 years. A United States Department of Agriculture study found that western red cedar is one of the most durable, long-lasting materials, making it a common choice for other household structures, like roofs.

What is the best wood to use for a privacy fence?

The best wood to use for a privacy fence is western red cedar wood. Austex uses western red cedar wood to create stylish, durable privacy fences for our Austin and Central Texas customers.

Does pressure-treated wood last longer than cedar?

Pressure-treated wood and cedar have similar lifespans. Cedar can last anywhere between 10-30 years, and pressure-treated wood can last between 10-15 years or longer with the proper maintenance.

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S Spruill
S Spruill
Both crews were pleasant and done quickly.
Kay Wolking Bratton
Kay Wolking Bratton
WE LOVE OUR NEW ALL-CEDAR FENCE by AUSTEX FENCE ... they did a GREAT job from the estimate appointment thru the 2-day installation and our two neighbors that share the fence love it too! We had an all-cedar 6’ privacy fence built with #2 or better grade 5/8” X 6” cedar pickets and two cedar backer rails installed with metal posts including old fence tear down & haul away! We love how the cap & trim finished off the two public gate sections! PERFECTO! We were amazed at how your "gate guy" built the gates "on the fence" & cut it in half & it was an attached swinging gate ... it was like magic! Your crews were very skilled and did a super job! We were able to get an appointment for an estimate in one week and installation in two weeks in a very busy April 2022 following multiple tornadoes in the Austin metro. We highly recommend David Arkin our Residential Sales Representative ... he was on time, knowledgeable, professional, he took time to ask & listen to what we wanted and to answer all our questions at our estimate appointment, before we signed a contract, during the installation, and after installation. David's emailed 1-page estimate with drawing was easy to read and understand with all the correct measurements, details and cost breakdown for us to make a decision. AUSTEX also has a Residential Sales Coordinator who made the process run smooth and was available to answer questions. We purchased two extras ... the sprinkler insurance and cap and trim. We shared the cost with two neighbors & AUSTEX made it so easy for all 3 of us to pay our individual balances online ... so no collecting checks! Plus no service charge to use credit cards! Initially, I contacted 7 fence contractors, set estimate appointments with 4 fence contractors all who were recommended by my HOA neighbors … all 4 showed up! We received 4 estimates, 2 which we recommend. And 2 we don’t recommend due to lots of errors and missing info on their estimates. We selected AUSTEX FENCE because even tho they cost a little more they could install in two weeks (the other company was 6-8 weeks out), they only build ALL-cedar privacy fences, they try to reuse the existing post holes, easy to read estimate and easy for us & neighbors to pay online with no service charge to use credit cards. And AUSTEX FENCE has a 1-year warranty that covers defects in materials including the lumber and workmanship!
Alberto Favela
Alberto Favela
Easy to work with. Answered questions quickly. Showed up on time and completed work within a day. We would use them again.
Max Benbrook
Max Benbrook
so so easy to work with. turn key transaction.
Peggy Garen
Peggy Garen
Installers very professional.
Stephanie Cagniart
Stephanie Cagniart
I hired Austex Fence & Deck to build a new wooden privacy fence surrounding the backyard. The fence looks great, construction started just a few days after the estimate, and it was completed in two business days. Every was responsive and easy to work with. I will definitely be recommending Austex to friends and family and will likely hire them again if we need more fence and deck installations or repairs.
Raul Gonzalez
Raul Gonzalez
Job well done. Hope it wears well.

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