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Austex offers beautiful, functional iron fences and gates for homes in the Austin and Central Texas areas. They are elegant and formal in appearance, instantly adding curb appeal to any property. Made with durable materials, residents can expect their iron fence to last. They also add a layer of security to a home’s perimeter without blocking views and blend well with shadows, making them ideal for properties with wood lines, bushes, or scenic areas.

Our promise.

Whether you choose one of our popular iron fence styles or custom design one of your own, you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of having a well-engineered, properly installed Austex fence. Our iron fences instantly add security, protection, comfort, and style to your Central Texas home.

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Provide security, protection, and comfort

Iron fences are one of the best choices for improving the security of both residential and commercial properties.

Improve curb appeal

An iron fence adds instant curb appeal to your property. Customized iron fence designs with ornamental fence toppers also give your property an element of uniqueness.


Increase property value

Because iron fences improve security and curb appeal, they’re also a great way to increase property value.


Increase fence strength and durability

Iron fences are far superior to other fencing materials in terms of strength and durability. A high-quality iron fence can last a lifetime.


Highlight great views

The open-style design of iron fences can help show off your beautiful property. Iron fences are a great way to highlight beautiful landscaping, modern siding, or your large and grand wraparound porch.

Improve security for children and pets

Made with durable, high-strength materials, iron fences keep children and pets in the yard and unwelcome visitors out.

Iron Fences for Homes

Iron fences for homes are a low-maintenance way to improve aesthetics, safety, and value. Adding an iron fence to your Austin, Texas, home instantly boosts its appearance, making your home the best in the neighborhood.

Iron Gate and Fence Designs

Iron fences and gates come in a variety of designs. This means that Austin and Central Texas homeowners can customize their iron fences to match their desired look. Austex can even accommodate completely customized iron fence and gate designs.

Ornamental Iron Fences

Austin and Central Texas homeowners love the ornamental design that iron fences offer. When you choose ornamental iron fences, you get a more uniform look, with carefully sculpted fence posts, pickets, and gates. But, if you prefer something different from the other iron fences in your Central Texas neighborhood, you can easily customize yours with symbols, swirls, or other elaborate designs.


Is Iron Good for Fencing?

Iron is an exceptional fence choice in Central Texas because of its extreme durability and security. Iron can not only be a more affordable option but also superior when it comes to strength. Your iron fence won’t warp or rot. It’s also virtually impossible to break iron, providing a secure barrier between the road and your home. Iron materials are also high strength and resistant to the elements while offering an attractive, elegant appeal.

Types of Iron Gates & Fences.

Austex sells a variety of beautiful, customized iron fences designs. With multiple types of iron fences to choose from, you can easily make your Austin, Texas, home stand out or blend in, whichever you prefer. Austex can help you achieve an elegant design using your choice of picket top iron fence materials. If you’re looking for something more modern with extra privacy, Austex can also help you create an iron fence design that achieves that.

Iron fences and gates come in a wide range of designs and styles to meet any Texas homeowner’s design goals. Unique landscape? Austex can help you design an iron fence that perfectly fits your yard’s landscape while highlighting your home’s most unique aspects.

Flat Top Fence

When you want your Austin, Texas, home to give off a clean, modern curb appeal, a flat top iron fence is the way to go. The flat top design is made with galvanized steel and offers clean lines and a maintenance-free appeal that will easily stay trendy for years.

The flat top iron fence design is shorter, which is ideal for securing inner portions of the yard, such as around a pool or play area. The simple yet elegant design won’t clash with your ornamental iron fence that runs around the perimeter of your property. The flat top design also doesn’t include any sharp or pointed parts, making it a popular choice for those with children and pets.

Double Top Rail Fence

The double-top rail fence offers more height, increasing strength and giving your property line a one-of-a-kind look. The clean lines and thick fence materials make the double-top rail fence modern while keeping the focus on your beautiful home. Adding a third rail to your iron fence can give you as much as 50% more height for added privacy and security. Texas homeowners with larger dogs may also enjoy the added height that comes with our iron double-top rail fences.

Picket Top Fence

Austex’s picket top fences offer a distinct square or pinch point top rail. Picket top fences can also improve security or achieve a unique, Old European or French Gothic flair design in your home. By using alternating steel points or finials, you get an iron fence that’s both safe and historic-looking. Using more short pickets in your iron fence design helps keep smaller pets safely in the yard. The pickets of our Austex picket top fence extend above the top rail and below the bottom rail, creating a stylish and long-lasting design.


Iron Fence Finials

Ornamental iron fence toppers are decorative components installed on top of your fence. They come in a variety of designs and shapes to help your Central Texas home stand out, with the most common fence toppers being twisted arrows or triads. A standard iron fence topper offers a contemporary design. If you’re looking for something in the Old European era, fence toppers in a lattice shape are a great choice.

For a French Gothic look, fence toppers in the shape of a ball or spear are the way to go. Get creative with iron fence toppers in the shape of stars or pineapples. Central Texas homeowners can use iron toppers to make their fences taller for more privacy or to show off their unique personalities. Austex welcomes unique requests and looks forward to helping you design the perfect iron fence topper for your space.


How Much Does an Iron Fence Cost?

A lot of factors go into calculating the cost of an iron fence. The size of your property and how much fence material you need are important considerations, as are the height and use of iron fence toppers. The existing terrain and type of fence or the design are other factors that come into play when calculating cost.

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Financing Options

After receiving your free quote, make sure to review our Austex financing options. On approved credit, our available financing options offer features like an easy online account management system, convenient monthly payments, and a revolving line of credit.

Iron fence parts

With a variety of iron fence parts, you can mix and match them to find your inspiration.
Ornamental Iron Parts

Ornamental iron parts are the individual railings, gates, and toppers that make up your iron fence. Austex carries a large inventory of high-quality, maintenance-free ornamental iron parts.

Ornamental Iron Railing Parts

The ornamental iron railing parts make up the base of your iron fence. One of the best ways to customize your iron fence is through unique railing parts that can add an element of modern or luxurious design to your property.

Ornamental Iron Fence Parts

Austex carries all the ornamental iron fence parts you need to customize your iron fence. Choose from decorative hardware and other iron fence necessities.

Ornamental Iron Gate Parts

Ornamental iron gate parts help tie your iron fence design together. An arched, rounded gate gives your iron fence a grand entrance. You can also add rounded or flat tops to your iron gate.


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S Spruill
S Spruill
Both crews were pleasant and done quickly.
Kay Wolking Bratton
Kay Wolking Bratton
WE LOVE OUR NEW ALL-CEDAR FENCE by AUSTEX FENCE ... they did a GREAT job from the estimate appointment thru the 2-day installation and our two neighbors that share the fence love it too! We had an all-cedar 6’ privacy fence built with #2 or better grade 5/8” X 6” cedar pickets and two cedar backer rails installed with metal posts including old fence tear down & haul away! We love how the cap & trim finished off the two public gate sections! PERFECTO! We were amazed at how your "gate guy" built the gates "on the fence" & cut it in half & it was an attached swinging gate ... it was like magic! Your crews were very skilled and did a super job! We were able to get an appointment for an estimate in one week and installation in two weeks in a very busy April 2022 following multiple tornadoes in the Austin metro. We highly recommend David Arkin our Residential Sales Representative ... he was on time, knowledgeable, professional, he took time to ask & listen to what we wanted and to answer all our questions at our estimate appointment, before we signed a contract, during the installation, and after installation. David's emailed 1-page estimate with drawing was easy to read and understand with all the correct measurements, details and cost breakdown for us to make a decision. AUSTEX also has a Residential Sales Coordinator who made the process run smooth and was available to answer questions. We purchased two extras ... the sprinkler insurance and cap and trim. We shared the cost with two neighbors & AUSTEX made it so easy for all 3 of us to pay our individual balances online ... so no collecting checks! Plus no service charge to use credit cards! Initially, I contacted 7 fence contractors, set estimate appointments with 4 fence contractors all who were recommended by my HOA neighbors … all 4 showed up! We received 4 estimates, 2 which we recommend. And 2 we don’t recommend due to lots of errors and missing info on their estimates. We selected AUSTEX FENCE because even tho they cost a little more they could install in two weeks (the other company was 6-8 weeks out), they only build ALL-cedar privacy fences, they try to reuse the existing post holes, easy to read estimate and easy for us & neighbors to pay online with no service charge to use credit cards. And AUSTEX FENCE has a 1-year warranty that covers defects in materials including the lumber and workmanship!
Alberto Favela
Alberto Favela
Easy to work with. Answered questions quickly. Showed up on time and completed work within a day. We would use them again.
Max Benbrook
Max Benbrook
so so easy to work with. turn key transaction.
Peggy Garen
Peggy Garen
Installers very professional.
Stephanie Cagniart
Stephanie Cagniart
I hired Austex Fence & Deck to build a new wooden privacy fence surrounding the backyard. The fence looks great, construction started just a few days after the estimate, and it was completed in two business days. Every was responsive and easy to work with. I will definitely be recommending Austex to friends and family and will likely hire them again if we need more fence and deck installations or repairs.
Raul Gonzalez
Raul Gonzalez
Job well done. Hope it wears well.

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