What Is A Lattice Top Fence?

A lattice top fence is a type of fencing that offers an added layer of privacy for your yard or patio and gives a pleasing and stylish aesthetic to your home. If you aren’t already familiar with lattice fencing, it consists of strategically placed diagonal slats that form a diamond pattern running all across the top section of the fence around its perimeter. Typically, the lattice top itself stands around a foot tall, but it can be made even taller, depending on the look and level of privacy you desire.

What is a Pergola?

If you’ve ever been to a backyard gathering, you’ve likely seen a pergola. They are often grouped in with other backyard structures like arbors and gazebos, yet they have a few distinct details that make them a unique addition to any home.

So, what is a pergola?

Cedar Decking vs. Composite Decking

Outdoor decks are still one of the best ways to upgrade your home and add curb appeal, and the options have greatly evolved over the years to be more durable and sustainable.

So, which style of decking will meet your home’s structural needs, budget and allow for the best outdoor living experience? Here, we’ll compare both cedar and composite decking so you can determine what will work best when planning for your new outdoor escape.

How to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Your home’s exterior is the first thing your neighbors, guests, and potential home buyers (if you’re in the market) will see, so of course, you want to make it as beautiful as possible. While boosting your curb appeal can sound daunting, small changes can actually make the biggest impact. Read on below for inspiration for improving your curb appeal!

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Now that the weather is starting to warm up, the pressure is on to finish your annual cleaning and maintenance checklist. The spring season is the perfect time to complete your exterior inspections and interior fixes before the weather gets too warm and summer activities start-upstart up in full swing. To simplify your chore list, use our below spring home maintenance checklist!

New Fence Checklist

Having a fence installed is an exciting step in protecting your home’s security and privacy, but before the first post is set in place, you have a little homework to do. To ensure your fence installation goes as smoothly as possible, complete the following items on our new fence checklist.

Best Ways to Upgrade Your Backyard

Upgrading your backyard can take many forms. Some homeowners may want to just add a few subtle details to enhance their existing layouts, while others may choose to do an entire overhaul of their space. No matter what you want to do to your backyard, we’ve collected some of the top backyard improvement ideas in one place. Read on below for backyard inspiration!

Fence Post Ideas

The fence post variation you select can have long-lasting effects. Not only do fence posts contribute to how durable your fence is, but they also affect longevity and curb appeal. You may choose to stick with a classic fence post option that matches the rest of your fence or maybe a custom option better suits your design preferences. No matter what concept you have in mind for your fence, one of these post ideas is sure to fit the bill.

4 Deck Privacy Ideas

Your deck is your extended living area and you should have the privacy to use it however you want. However, with close neighbors and busy streets, it can be difficult to feel 100% at ease. Luckily, there are a few ways you can add additional privacy to your deck and outdoor space. Build your outdoor oasis with one (or a few) of these tips below!