Benefits of a Pergola

by  Lauren Lockett-Summers
Published: Apr 03, 2020
Benefits of a Pergola

As Texas temperatures continue to rise and we continue to spend more time outside, now is the perfect time to consider adding additional shade to your backyard. One of the best ways to boost your backyard’s shade is by adding a pergola. Not only will they keep your patio or yard cooler during the hot summer months, but they are also aesthetically pleasing and can tie directly into your yard’s landscaping. Below we will dive into some of the top benefits of having a pergola to help make your decision easier!


While some pergolas will certainly be more durable than others, you can rest assured that the pergolas built by Austex will last for years to come. We use western red cedar for its ability to withstand the weather and natural elements, as well as it’s naturally beautiful coloring. The pressure-treated lumber we hand select will provide shade and protection for your backyard for many years yet.

They Help Plants Grow

Whether you’re a botanist or just want to add a little extra greenery to your backyard, adding a pergola is a great way to convince your plants to grow a little taller and stronger. Climbing vines and other plant variations like wisteria, ivy, and grape vines thrive with something sturdy to grow against. Once your pergola is installed, plant some of your favorite vines and flowers and watch them grow!

Define Your Space

Even if you don’t have a designated patio or sitting area, adding a pergola is a great way to define the space. Whether you want to separate your outdoor kitchen area, your sitting space, or your children’s play area, adding a pergola defines the space without having to add additional fencing. The best part is that because pergolas are open and airy, they won’t make your space feel small and confined.


If installed by a professional, you only have to keep up with minor maintenance – similar to a wood fence. Although not necessary, you’ll enjoy your pergola for a longer amount of time if you stain or seal it. With it’s natural oils, redcedar does have an extended longevity when compared to other woods, however, cedar greys as it weathers; the best way to prevent the greying and weathering is with a stain. Besides staining every few years, there isn’t much else you have to do except enjoy it’s shade and beauty.

Flexible for Your Space

One of the best parts of a pergola is that it can be fully customized to fit your space. No matter if your yard is narrow, or you want a pergola that is extra tall, we can customize the pergola to perfectly fit your backyard. On top of sizing flexibility, the spacing of the rafters and the detail added to the pergola are customizable to your liking as well.

If you’re in the Central Texas area and are looking to add a pergola to your yard, look no further than your experts at Austex. We only use the highest-quality materials and installation processes and we look forward to introducing you to our exceptional customer service. Give us a call today!

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