15 Types of Wood Fences That Look Great & Provide Privacy

by  Lauren Lockett-Summers
Last Updated: Feb 07, 2023
15 Types of Wood Fences That Look Great & Provide Privacy

If you think that a wood fence is boring or plain, you haven’t seen the wide selection of wood fence styles we offer!

Wood fences are popular because of the privacy they provide, but there are so many wood fence materials, styles and variations that can be used to add character and style to your home and backyard as well.

Below we will go over some of our most popular wood fencing types – there will sure to be one (or multiple) that will suit your needs!

1. Horizontal Fence with Metal Posts

Horizontal wood fence on a slope yard with metal posts
©Austex Fence & Deck
  • Simple design
  • Great for backyards
  • Great for pets
  • Durability & longevity with metal posts

Horizontal fences continue to grow in popularity because they are one of the only fencing options that offers a truly modern and contemporary look.

The height and length of the planks used can bring a further custom look to your backyard, while of course providing the privacy and practicality you would expect. 

Like other variations of wood fences, horizontal fences can also be further customized with different shades of wood stains.

If you’re going for the modern look, we recommend choosing a material in a lighter tone, this way you can use the natural wood color to your advantage.

2. Horizontal Fence with Wood Posts

Horizontal wood fence with wood posts
©Austex Fence & Dece
  • Classic look
  • Excellent privacy
  • Great for kids and pets

A horizontal fence features the wood fence boards placed tightly next to each other – with no space in between – for the ultimate privacy.

It also provides protection for children and animals playing outside, as there are no gaps to slip through. 

The stockade fence pickets are usually pointed for an attractive look. Horizontal fences are available in a variety of different types of wood, including spruce and cedar, a natural insect repellent.

Both spruce and cedar fences can be pressure treated to prevent damaging bugs like termites.

3. Horizontal Fence with Cap & Trim

Horizontal wood fence with cap and trim
©Austex Fence & Deck
  • Great for added privacy
  • Polished look
  • Great for backyards 
  • Great for pets

Similar to a stockade fence in terms of privacy, a horizontal fence with cap and trim includes “cap” pieces to cover the pickets.

An additional piece of wood, which is flat, runs along the top of the fence, giving it a more polished and refined look for better curb appeal. 

Because the tops of the pickets are protected from rain and moisture, these fences are often highly durable.

There are numerous options for decorative caps and accents to customize the aesthetic. 

 4. Horizontal Fence with Top Slats

Horizontal wood fence with top slats on the corner of a backyard with a beautiful purple-leafed tree
©Austex Fence & Deck
  • Balances privacy and natural light
  • Great for backyards
  • Customizable design

A horizontal stockade fence with slats features boards or planks that are spaced to offer some visibility through the fence.

Slatted fences may have planks or pickets of the same width or varying widths, depending on how much visibility you want. 

The spaces between the boards allow more natural light into the yard and create an airy feeling compared to a conventional stockade fence, striking a balance between openness and privacy.

If you’re struggling with nosy neighbors and are concerned about the visibility on this particular wood fence style, you can make the fence height taller, reducing its visibility. 

5. Horizontal Fence with Exposed Black Posts

©Austex Fence & Deck
  • Great for modern style houses
  • Great for added privacy
  • Excellent for durability 
  • Great for curb appeal

Wood fencing can last for years and years, especially with steel fence posts – but all that metal can ruin the look of the fence.

A cedar fence with exposed black posts provides a durable wooden fence that offers a striking look, both on the outside and inside. 

The fence slats nest together as well for little to no visibility through the fence, giving you the best of privacy, durability, and curb appeal for your home.

6. Cedar Privacy Fence


Privacy cedar wood fence with caps
©Austex Fence & Deck
  • Great for added privacy 
  • Simple design
  • Great for backyards 
  • Great for pets

Cedar privacy fences continue to be a top-selling fence and it’s obvious why.

Cedar wood is one of the most durable woods available and the cedar pickets provide crisp, clean lines that will complement any home style

Cedar privacy fences can be further customized with fence heights, color and variations in picket width.

Additionally, there are many top accents that can be added to your cedar fence to bring its look up to the next level.

7. Good Neighbor Fence

Good neighbor fence in an Austin backyard
©Austex Fence & Deck
  • Great for added privacy
  • Great for backyards
  • Great for pets

Are you looking to split the cost of your fence with your neighbor? A good neighbor fence might be just what you’re looking for.

With a good neighbor fence, the fence panels alternate on either side of the posts. This creates a uniform, clean look, no matter what side of the fence you’re on. 

If you and your neighbor decided to go with a standard wood fence as opposed to a good neighbor fence, one neighbor could have the backside of the fence facing their home – not an ideal situation.

Curious about the cost of your dream wood fence? Don’t guess!

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8. Shadowbox Fence

Shadow box fence in a large backyard in Austin, you can see the wood fence pickets spaced out evenly
©Austex Fence & Deck
  • Simple design
  • Great for backyards

Although not as well known, shadowbox fences are a traditional type of wood picket fence and are used to adjust the amount of privacy, light and airflow your yard will receive.

Pickets are spaced in a uniform variation to manage the privacy and light that comes through the spacing between the planks. 

Shadowbox fences have one of the most unique looks when it comes to wood fences and this look can be further customized with wood stain and different fence heights.

These types of wood fences are a great option for large properties.

9. Horizontal Shadowbox

Horizontal shadow box wood fence on a retaining wall made of beige bricks in the background clear, bright blue sky
©Austex Fence & Deck
  • Interesting aesthetic
  • Great for front yards
  • Balance of light and privacy

A horizontal shadowbox fence is aptly named, as it’s designed to cast a shadow. These privacy fences – also called board-on-board fences – have an attractive look on both sides and can be customized to your aesthetic. 

The fence boards are not completely hinged together like a stockade fence, but they still offer plenty of privacy with minimal gaps.

The pickets allow just enough light to come through, creating a unique dark-and-light contrast. Shadowbox fences are especially desirable for the front yard and boost curb appeal.  

10. Board on Board Fence

Board On Board Fence of a backyard of a house in Austin, the wood fence is next to green grass and a sidewalk
©Austex Fence & Deck
  • Best fence type for privacy
  • Great for backyards
  • Great for pets
  • Ultimate fence in durability 

If you’re looking for extreme privacy, a board on board fence might be the fencing solution that you’re looking for. Board on board fences are exactly what they sound like. 

Fence pickets are placed on top of other pickets to cover any previous gaps that existed between the planks.

This ensures that even as your wooden fence planks shrink overtime from weather and outdoor conditions, your privacy won’t be compromised.

11. Wooden Framed Bull Wire Fence

Wooden framed bull wire fence over a retaining beige brick wall enclosing the front yard of a house in Austin
©Austex Fence & Deck
  • Good for front yard security with pets & kids
  • Good curb appeal
  • Great durability
  • Customizable options

Bull wire or chain link fences are among the most popular, since they’re low maintenance and durable. They aren’t the most appealing, however.

The use of a wooden frame on bull wire or chain link fences offers a beautiful alternative with plenty of durability.

A wooden framed chain link fence is a good upgrade with a lot of customization options, particularly with the wood options for the post and rails. 

12. Picket Iron Fence with Cedar Slats

Picket iron fence with cedar slats on a sloped backyard of an Austin house with very bright green grass
©Austex Fence & Deck
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Great for security for children and pets
  • Unique aesthetic

Wrought iron picket fences are popular for their heritage look and ornamental features, but they don’t offer a lot of privacy or security for pets and children.

An extended picket iron fence with cedar privacy slats offers a unique aesthetic that combines the rustic look of iron with the warmth of the wood, providing durability, privacy, and security.

As the wood ages, the slats can be replaced easily without the need to replace the entire fence. 

 13. Slim Slatted Fence

Slim red cedar wood slats enclosing a two level cemented backyard, a part of the slim wood slats are also a gate with black hinges
©Austex Fence & Deck
  • Unique curb appeal
  • Great for front and backyards
  • Customizable design

Slatted fences are customizable for the level of privacy and visibility you want. Sometimes called Venetian fencing – like Venetian blinds – the vertical slats come in different widths for a more contemporary design for your front or back yard.

These fences can go up quickly and last for years, and there are numerous finishes to choose from for a look that fits your home’s aesthetic.

If you’re looking for a classic yet modern look, like the one in the picture above, red cedar would be the best wood to use.

14. Lattice Fence on Top

Privacy wood fence with lattice top
©Austex Fence & Deck
  • Great for backyards and gardens
  • Good security and visibility
  • Great for pets and children

Lattice fences have an appealing, dramatic look with thin wooden slats that are arranged in criss-cross lines, creating small square holes that allow natural light to come through.

Though they’re not completely private, there’s a nice balance of security and privacy.

Kids and pets can’t get out, but the view of your yard is somewhat obscured. And if you have a garden, lattice fences are ideal for climbing vines and other plants.

15. Wood Dog Ear Fence

Wood dog ear fence dividing backyards of neighboring apartments in Austin
©Austex Fence & Deck
  • Great for added privacy
  • Simple design
  • Great for backyards
  • Great for pets

Dog ear fences are one of the simplest and least expensive fence designs, which makes them one of the most popular styles amongst many homeowners.

They’re similar to other privacy fence types, but they’re a picket fence with curved pickets that resemble a dog with a folded ear. 

You can enjoy full privacy with a dog ear fence, as well as security for pets and children. Because the slats are so close together, they not only block prying eyes, but wind and a lot of ambient sound that may disturb your fun.

As you can see, no matter what your privacy needs and personal tastes are, there is a wood fence for you. If you’re interested in learning more about our different fencing options, or are ready to talk to a fence company in Austin, call us today! We’re available for all of your wood fencing needs.