Features of Shadowbox Style Fences

by  Lauren Lockett-Summers
Published: May 07, 2020
Features of Shadowbox Style Fences

One of the more unique variations of wood privacy fences is a shadowbox fence. Shadowbox fences are constructed with the standard picket or dog eared picket, but instead of placed side by side as in a typical privacy fence, the boards are alternated on either side of the fence rail – about two to three inches apart. The final effect creates shadows – resulting in the moniker. If you’re on the fence (pun intended) about selecting a shadowbox style fence, take a look at some of their most notable features below.

1. Visually Appealing

Shadowbox style fences provide an additional level of visual interest compared to other privacy fence variations. The pattern created with alternating pickets allows light to shine through, while the combination of the planks and gaps will give you the benefit of natural lighting without sacrificing privacy. The other benefit of a shadowbox’s picket placement is that when you’re inside your yard you’re not restricted to only viewing the fence rails; you’ll enjoy the look of your fence from both the inside and outside of your property.

2. Extremely Durable

Because of the unique picket placement in a shadowbox fence, your fence has a better chance of staying upright during extreme wind and storms. The three-inch gaps between the planks allow wind to pass through as opposed to being completely obstructed by the plank placement in a privacy fence. Instead of fighting against the wind, a shadowbox goes with the wind, reducing resistance and maintaining the integrity of the fence. The alternating plank placement also prevents sagging or falling pickets because the weight is evenly distributed among the fence rails.   

3. Pet Friendly

If your dog tends to consistently bark at your fence or constantly attempts to jump over it to see what’s on the other side, you may benefit from a shadowbox fence. Because shadowbox fences have small gaps between planks, you’ll give your pets the opportunity to see what’s on the other side of the fence without risking their well-being. The gaps are too small for pet escapees, but with the peerable gaps jumping and climbing will be discouraged.

4. Customizable

Like with other wood fencing options, you have the opportunity to fully customize your wood shadowbox fence. Stains, paints, and wood material are all part of the selection process so you can completely complement your home’s exterior. You’ll also be able to select the picket style of your fence; the most popular options are convex panel, gothic, and lattice fence tops. No matter which style selections you choose your fence will be sure to add to your curb appeal.

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