28 Patio Privacy Ideas for Your Backyard in 2023

by  Lauren Lockett-Summers
Published: Oct 12, 2022
28 Patio Privacy Ideas for Your Backyard in 2023

The perfect outdoor patio is inviting, relaxing, and private. While you can design a patio space that’s comfortable and perfect for entertaining, adding privacy to a busy area can sometimes be difficult. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top patio privacy ideas for your backyard in 2023.

Patio Privacy Options

The best patio privacy options for you depend on a few factors, including:

  • Level of privacy you want
  • Amount of shade you want
  • What you want privacy from (neighbors/busy roads)
  • Size of your patio
  • Your budget

There’s no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to patio privacy. 

For example, if you want privacy from your neighbor’s two-story home that directly overlooks your backyard patio, you may need something large to fill the space. 

If you live in an apartment, you may be looking for patio privacy ideas that don’t require a permanent wall or privacy fence installation.

It’s also important to consider things like budget, DIY ability, and available time when choosing the best patio privacy options for your Central Texas home. 

The good news is, there are thousands of ideas available to boost your patio’s privacy to accommodate all household types and privacy needs. 

We’ve compiled a list of privacy patio ideas for you to consider, including a few front yard patio privacy ideas for those looking to enjoy their front yard spaces too.

You’ll learn how best to maximize your patio space for optimal privacy and comfort. 

We’ll provide covered patio privacy ideas for those with minimal DIY skills or resources and small patio privacy ideas for those with limited space. 

Our inexpensive ideas are also perfect for those on a budget.

We’ve listed prices based on the following:

  • $: Indicates an average cost of $500 or less.
  • $$: Indicates an average price range between $500 and $1,000.
  • $$$: Indicates an average price range between $1,000 and $5,000.
  • $$$$: Indicates an average cost of over $5,000 with installation.

Please note that these costs are approximations and they might vary depending on many factors such as materials used, size, terrain, etc.

Privacy Fence

A privacy fence is one of the best methods to make your patio space more private. 

Austex has a lot of privacy fence ideas using different materials and types of fences. An outdoor privacy fence also offers additional security and protection. 

It keeps intruders out and pets and children in. One of the best patio fence privacy ideas uses wood, which is cost-effective, low-maintenance, and can be stained to match your patio style.

There are also a variety of DIY patio privacy fence ideas available. While it’s best to call a professional contractor like Austex for your permanent privacy fence for your patio ideas, you may be able to install lattice yourself if you’re looking for something more budget-friendly. 

Here are some of our favorite privacy fence ideas for around the patio:

Privacy Lattice

Lattice fence with open top pergola placed in an L shape surrounding a pool for extra privacy and shade
©Austex Fence and Deck

Privacy lattice is a type of fence that uses decorative crisscrossing frames. 

Its unique design gives it many uses, such as for a fence or adding a few climbing plants to it for a vertical garden. 

You can even put a small lattice on an existing deck for a little extra privacy.

  • Installation: DIY
  • Estimated cost: $
  • Time requirement: A few days

Wooden Privacy Fence

Six foot horizontal privacy wood fence around pool
©Austex Fence and Deck

A wooden privacy fence offers maximum privacy and security. Wood fences are low-maintenance and often last for many years. 

You can stain your wooden fence to match an existing deck. If you’re not ready for a deck, you can always stain the privacy fence later to match whatever color you choose.

  • Installation: Professional installation
  • Estimated cost: $$
  • Time requirement: A few weeks

Minimalist Fence

Horizontal slatted wood fence panels enclosing a contemporary two story house
©Austex Fence and Deck

A minimalist fence adds privacy to your patio without drawing attention to its design. 

Minimalist fences are also modern, which means they’ll stay in style for many years to come. The price range will vary based on the design. 

  • Installation: Professional installation
  • Estimated cost: $-$$$$
  • Time requirement: A few weeks to a few months

Want to bring your patio privacy fence ideas to life? Contact us today for your free quote.

Patio Deck Privacy

Austex has a lot of patio deck privacy ideas available if you already have an existing deck or if you’re planning on installing one. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Deck With a Wall

Large outdoor entertaining area on a wood deck with white railing and white wall
Image via UnsplasLarh by Steven Ungermann

A deck with a wall instantly adds privacy by blocking out the specific views you no longer want to see. 

For example, if the house on one side of your property is too close, you can add a wall on that side of your patio. 

Decks with walls help you preserve the rest of your yard’s views. You can even add permanent fixtures to the wall, like an outdoor kitchen space.

  • Installation: Professional installation
  • Estimated cost: $$$$
  • Time requirement: A few weeks

Readymade Railing Planters

Readymade railing planters fit along your deck railing, helping you fill in some of the open space. 

You can choose larger planters for decks with big gaps or to add privacy to certain parts of your outdoor space.

  • Installation: DIY.
  • Estimated cost: $.
  • Time requirements: One day.

Are you ready to design and install your dream deck with added privacy? Contact Austex today to discuss available options and get your free quote.

Covered Patio Privacy

Our covered patio privacy ideas offer privacy, shade, and protection from the rain. 

Covered patios may offer full protection from the elements, or you can choose a pergola for a unique Victorian appeal. 

Check out some of these covered patio and pergolas for privacy:

Canopy on a Pergola

Beige fabric canopy suspended from a 4 beam structure covering a dining table in a backyard next to a pool
©FrankBoston / Adobe Stock

A canopy over a pergola gives you added privacy and shade. Depending on the material, it can also block out rain.

  • Installation: Professional or experienced DIY
  • Estimated cost: $$
  • Time requirement: One week

Open-Top Pergola

Open top wood pergola with slats placed in horizontal and vertical blocks viewed from the bottom
©Austex Fence and Deck

An open-top pergola is one with gaps in the upper beams. You can add flowers or vines to your open-top pergola to fill in some areas for added shade and privacy.

  • Installation: Professional installation
  • Estimated cost: $$$
  • Time requirement: A few weeks

Gable Pergola

Triangle roof shape wood pergola attached to an open top wood pergola next to a pool
Image via Unsplash by Randy Fath

A gable pergola has a triangle roof shape. This may be combined with an open-top pergola for added appeal and a sophisticated look.

  • Installation: Professional installation
  • Estimated cost: $$$
  • Time requirement: A few weeks

Sail Pergola

Beige fabric draped on the four corners of a square dark brown open top pergola over an outdoor seating area next to a pool
©Austex Fence and Deck

To create a sail pergola, drape outdoor fabric across the top of an existing pergola. This is a great way to add privacy and shade to an existing outdoor structure. 

Once you choose the best pergola type, you can add decor such as hanging plants and lights. 

Growing vines and flowers on your pergola can also add additional shade and privacy while giving you a beautiful outdoor space with floral scents.

  • Installation: DIY
  • Estimated cost: $
  • Time requirement: A few days

Want to design a covered patio or pergola that fits in with your home’s design? Austex has a lot of exceptional ideas, and we’re ready to help you design an outdoor space that you’ll love.

Privacy Walls

Looking for patio privacy wall ideas? We have privacy wall deck designs to meet the needs of any Central Texas property. Check out some of these great ideas:

A Living Wall

Green wall next to slatted wood patio cover with glass canopy and black beams
©ichajati / Adobe Stock

A living wall is a self-sufficient vertical garden. Sometimes referred to as a green wall, a living wall is a unique way to increase privacy.

  • Installation: DIY
  • Estimated cost: $$
  • Time requirement: A few days to a few weeks

Slat Fencing

Wood slatted fence with horizontal boards with even consistent spacing
©Austex Fence and Deck

Slat fencing uses horizontal boards with even, consistent spacing. You can usually choose how much space you want between the slats to achieve your preferred level of privacy.

  • Installation: DIY
  • Estimated cost: $$
  • Time requirement: A few days to a few weeks

Outdoor Patio Screens

Outdoor screens come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and designs, making them a perfect solution for privacy. 

Our outdoor patio privacy screen ideas fit a wide range of patio spaces. These outdoor screen privacy capabilities range depending on the size and type of screen. 

Here are some of our favorite outdoor privacy screen ideas for patios:

Herringbone Privacy Screen/Hanging Screen

A hanging screen hangs from your roof or covered deck for privacy that won’t block breezes. Herringbone privacy screens are trending today and offer a contemporary, rustic vibe.

  • Installation: DIY
  • Estimated cost: $
  • Time requirement: A few days

Vintage Signage

Vintage oval shaped sig place on grass floor laid on a wood fence, the sign has re, blue and white and has AMERICAN written across it
Image via Pexels by Pixabay

Hanging vintage signs is a great way to show off your personality while also adding privacy. Choose vintage signs that remind you of your favorite destinations or brands.

  • Installation: DIY
  • Estimated cost: $
  • Time requirement: A few hours

Screen of Windows

If you have DIY skills, you can always repurpose some old windows to make them into a privacy screen. Add in some window curtains for even more privacy.

  • Installation: DIY
  • Estimated cost: $
  • Time requirement: A few days

Decorative Panels

Decorative gray frame with abstract pattern tiles, nailed to a wood background with silver spheres.
Image via Unsplash by Denis Kirichkov

Decorative panels are another way to increase your patio’s privacy while adding fun colors and designs to your outdoor space. 

Aluminum or metal panels are weather-resistant and can easily be painted.

  • Installation: DIY
  • Estimated cost: $
  • Time requirements: A few days

Old Shutters

4 vintage shutters in jade green and teal with pops of light peach color that can be used as a screen for added privacy
©Alexander / Adobe Stock

Old shutters are a cost-efficient method for patio privacy if you’re confident in your DIY skills. You can stain them to the same color as your patio for a consistent look.

  • Installation: DIY
  • Estimated cost: $
  • Project requirement: A few hours to a few days


Have your own privacy ideas for patios? Want to find out the best way to turn your privacy patio ideas into reality? Contact Austex today to begin designing your dream outdoor space.


Balcony Screens

A balcony privacy screen is perfect for DIYers or those looking for a less permanent solution for privacy. 

Our balcony privacy ideas are great for apartments and rentals. Check out some of our favorite ideas for apartment patio privacy using a balcony screen:

Bamboo or Reed Fencing

Tall bamboo vertical slatted fence adds privacy to a backyard. Some plants and greenery can be seen through the slats.
Image via Unsplash by Paulina Saez

Bamboo or reed fencing is one of our favorite apartment patio privacy ideas because it adds a unique style element to your space. 

Bamboo is thick, meaning it’s a great choice for privacy.

  • Installation: DIY or professional installation.
  • Estimated cost: $$$.
  • Time requirement: A few days to a few weeks.

Retractable Screen

Retractable light brown screen on a white open top pergola, provides shade and privacy to an outdoor patio seating area
©Austex Fence and Deck

A retractable screen is stored inside of a metal canister when not in use. 

This means you can use it for added privacy when you want and then retract it and put it away when you don’t.

  • Installation: DIY or professional installation
  • Estimated cost: $$$
  • Time requirement: A few days to a few weeks

Renting an apartment or townhouse can sometimes limit your design and decor ideas. Our balcony screen ideas are great for those looking to add privacy to their apartment or rental.

Patio Privacy With Plants

These patio privacy ideas with plants will give you the privacy you desire and add a whimsical feel to your patio. 

Here are some of our favorite ideas for creating patio privacy with plants:

Ornamental Grasses

Morning light ornamental grass in a xeriscape garden with light green grasses
©Katy / Adobe Stock

Ornamental grasses are available in a wide range of sizes, helping you achieve the amount of privacy you want. We often recommend waist-high plants, like:

  • Morning Light maiden grass
  • Flashlights millet grass
  • Little Bluestem grass
  • Elijah Blue Fescue grass

Ornamental grasses come in different colors and styles. You can work with a landscaper to create a design that you enjoy.

  • Installation: DIY
  • Estimated cost: $$
  • Time requirement: A few days to a few weeks plus time to grow

Potted Palms

Terrace in a green garden with a hammock and a potted palm tree
©Photographee.eu / Adobe Stock

Potted palms are beautiful, tall plants that are also portable, meaning you can move them around to add privacy to the areas of your patio you want. 

You can also move potted palms indoors during colder months for easier maintenance.

  • Installation: DIY
  • Estimated cost: $
  • Time requirement: A few days to a few weeks

Potted Plants

Outdoor seating area with a bamboo wall in the background and different types of potted plants on 3 corners of the seating arrangement
Image via Pexels by Taryn Elliot

Potted plants can also be a fun way to decorate your yard and maximize your privacy. Some potted plants, like jasmine and clematis, easily grow tall enough for privacy. 

Replace or move potted plants as you desire to customize your space. Take in the refreshing smells they offer while enjoying your private outdoor space. 

Consider investing in some potted vegetables for easy access to your favorite veggies.

  • Installation: DIY
  • Estimated cost: $
  • Time requirement: A few days to a few weeks.

Suspended Greenery Wall

Variety of plants hanging from a roof with different lengths for added privacy
©elena / Adobe Stock

A suspended greenery wall offers maximum privacy while adding an element of design to your patio. 

You can customize how much privacy you get by hanging different sizes and numbers of greenery items.

  • Installation: DIY
  • Estimated cost: $
  • Time requirement: A few days to a few weeks

Faux Greenery

Vertical garden made with different types of faux greenery
©SasinParaksa / Adobe Stock

Faux greenery is a low-cost, low-maintenance method of adding privacy. Plus, you don’t have to wait for the plants to grow.

  • Installation: DIY
  • Estimated cost: $
  • Time requirement: A few hours

Fast-Growing Trees

View from the street a set of hedge of thuja trees lined up adding privacy to a backyard
©Mikhail Yakovenko / Adobe Stock

Fast-growing trees give you privacy in a shorter amount of time than other landscaping techniques. 

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world and grows as much as 35 inches per day. 

Clumping bamboo trees are bushier, meaning they offer even more privacy. 

The Emerald Green Thuja grows vertically, making it a great choice for privacy. It’s also noninvasive, meaning it won’t overtake your patio space.

  • Installation: Professional installation
  • Estimated cost: $$$
  • Time requirement: A few hours

Privacy Landscaping

Outdoor seating area with fire pit in the middle, the background is a wood fence with tall bushes and a tall tree on the neighbor's property
©Robert / Adobe Stock

Privacy landscaping can add more privacy to your patio. Some of our favorite patio landscaping ideas for privacy include large bushes and mature trees.

  • Installation: Professional installation
  • Estimated cost: $$$
  • Time requirement: A few days to a few weeks

Patio Sun Shade and Outdoor Curtains

Sun shades for patios offer privacy and shade from Texas’ hot summer sun. Another cost-effective method of privacy is outdoor curtains. Some of our favorite patio privacy curtain ideas include:

Shade Sail

Modern house terrace in summer with table and shade sail
©Delphotostock / Adobe Stock

An embellished shade sail attached to beams placed outside of your patio. It gives you privacy and blocks the sun’s rays.

  • Installation: DIY
  • Estimated cost: $
  • Time requirement: A few days

Floating Outdoor Curtains

Terrace on a contemporary property with a beige fabric canopy pergola and floating curtains on the pergola
Image via Pexels by Pixabay


Floating curtains give your patio space an open look while also maximizing privacy. You can complete this project in just a few hours.

  • Installation: DIY
  • Estimated cost: $
  • Time requirement: A few hours

Knitted Pattern Shade

Pergola with a fabric placed in a knitted pattern over the terrace of a contemporary villa
Image via Unsplash by Alen Rojnic

Fabric placed in a knitted pattern on a pergola is another great cost-effective method for patio privacy. Add some fabric to your pergola to update your patio space.

  • Installation: DIY
  • Estimated cost: $
  • Time requirement: A few hours

Austex is ready to help you design the patio space of your dreams. Whether you’re looking for ultimate privacy or a place to entertain, Austex has the experience necessary to create a backyard space you’ll love.

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