Privacy Fence Styles for Central Texas Properties

by  Lauren Lockett-Summers
Published: Oct 21, 2019
Privacy Fence Styles for Central Texas Properties

Privacy fences are one of the most popular backyard fencing options for Austin and Central Texas residents, and for a good reason! Privacy fences  can certainly make your Austin backyard more private, and they improve your home’s security by adding an additional layer of defense against the outside world. Wood privacy fences also work with your home in keeping pets and children inside property lines.

While privacy fences are very functional, you also want them to be aesthetically pleasing. If your old and worn privacy fence isn’t cutting it anymore for the Central Texas look, consider one of these different and custom privacy fence styles to add an element of beauty to your yard.

Scalloped-Top Wood Privacy Fences

This wood privacy fence style is appropriately named, as the top of the fence will look like it has been scalloped. Scalloped-top fences have beams between posts that downwardly slope. The top of each beam is cut so that when all fence pickets are placed next to each other, the fence has peaks and valleys. Scalloped-top wood privacy fences have a soft look to them, and the height differences of each picket are gradual, so there are no harsh lines.

Arched-Top Wood Privacy Fences

An arched-top wood privacy fence is the exact opposite of a scalloped-top fence. While the scalloped-top fence slopes downwards, the arched-top (named appropriately) looks like it’s forming an arch. The beams of an arched-top fence slope upwards to create the arch. Similar to the scalloped-top wood privacy fences, with arch-top fences, there are no harsh lines and the fence arches are created gradually.

Lattice-Top Wood Privacy Fence

Now let’s move on to something a little different – the lattice-top wood privacy fence. Like the name suggests, a lattice-top wood privacy fence involves adding a lattice framework to the top of a wood privacy fence. Of course this means that the top of your fence won’t be completely private – afterall, a lattice does have gaps. A lattice-top wood privacy fence will bring an elegant look to any backyard, and because the lattice has gaps, your backyard will get additional light, making your backyard feel airy and bright.

Dog-Eared-Top Wood Privacy Fence

If you like the look of a standard wood picket fence, but want a slight variation on it, the dog-eared-top wood privacy fence might be the right choice for your backyard. While typical picket fences have a flat top, dog-eared fences have a bit of detail by trimming down the edges. A dog-eared-top fence is created by trimming the top of the standard picket fence, giving it a charming aesthetic to an otherwise standard landscape.
Now that you have a basic understanding of the different privacy fence styles, do you know which one you want to add to your home? Give our fencing experts at Austex a call today for all of your privacy fencing needs!