What is a Pergola?

by  Lauren Lockett-Summers
Published: Jul 20, 2021
What is a Pergola?

If you’ve ever been to a backyard gathering, you’ve likely seen a pergola. They are often grouped in with other backyard structures like arbors and gazebos, yet they have a few distinct details that make them a unique addition to any home.

So, what is a pergola?

By definition, a pergola is an outdoor garden structure that consists of vertical posts or pillars that support parallel beams or slats across the top, providing shade for a designated sitting or lounging area.

Pergolas are often a direct extension connected to the back of a home, but they can also be made a separate structure, depending on their purpose. They can be the perfect add-on for a garden or built around the surrounding area near a swimming pool or deck, providing shelter and added interest and sophistication to any environment.

If you do a lot of outdoor entertaining in the summer, a pergola might be the perfect option for you and your guests.

Though many people choose to keep their backyard pergolas open for partial shade, canopies made specifically for pergolas can be a stylish add-on for additional shade cover and protection from direct sunlight.

Another beautiful feature that often accompanies a pergola is vertically trained vines, and several types can be used for this purpose, depending on your desired aesthetic.

Some of the best climbing vines for pergolas are Wisteria, Honeysuckle, Eden Climber roses, and Sweet Pea if you’re looking for flowering climber vines that are both beautiful and sturdy. It’s also a good idea to check with your local garden center or a professional landscaper if you want additional recommendations for climbing species that grow best in your area.

Pergolas are just one way you can add some flair and charm to your outdoor living space and just one of many backyard projects that Austex can custom build to fit your needs. We would love to help you create your dream outdoor living space, so give us a call for a free quote!

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