What Is A Lattice Top Fence?

by  Lauren Lockett-Summers
Published: Sep 07, 2021
What Is A Lattice Top Fence?

A lattice top fence is a type of fencing that offers an added layer of privacy for your yard or patio and gives a pleasing and stylish aesthetic to your home. If you aren’t already familiar with lattice fencing, it consists of strategically placed diagonal slats that form a diamond pattern running all across the top section of the fence around its perimeter. Typically, the lattice top itself stands around a foot tall, but it can be made even taller, depending on the look and level of privacy you desire.

Lattice Top Fencing Materials

Once the slats are set, fence posts can then be secured to the ground using concrete to keep them firmly in place. The lattice material is usually made from commonly used fencing woods like birch, cedar, or redwood.

Can You DIY When It Comes to Lattice Work?

You could. Just be cautious. To start, you would need a saw for cutting the thin wooden slats to create your lattice. However, if you don’t have the time or equipment for cutting the lattice and want to make sure everything lines up perfectly, it’s best to call a fencing professional (did we mention Austex offers free estimates?).

What About Plants and Shrubbery?

If you love plants and gardening and you’d like to incorporate some beautiful vegetation into your lattice fencing, you can also plant climbing vines that curl through and around the slats for a stately look.

Like with any yard beautification project, it’s important to plan and budget accordingly so you can get the result you want. If you would love to try the lattice top fencing look for your yard and need help with customization, give Austex a call! Our fencing experts can help breathe new life into your home and property, whatever your vision.

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