Six Clever Ways to Transform Your Backyard

by  Lauren Lockett-Summers
Published: May 11, 2018
Six Clever Ways to Transform Your Backyard

With temperatures warming up, now’s the perfect time to start hanging out in the backyard. However, you may notice that your yard has seen better days, especially if you didn’t maintain it this winter. Too many people treat their yards like wasters of space, but with the right additions, they can add enormous value and beauty to your property. Breath some life back into your yard with these six renovation ideas.

1. Install a Fire Pit

A roaring fire pit creates a natural gathering space for friends and family, and it’s loads of fun for grilling hotdogs or marshmallows. Unlike a pool, you can use it nearly year-round with relatively little upkeep.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose a classic fire pit fire bowl or tabletop fire pit. Best of all, they’re truly affordable for any homeowner.

2. Build a Patio

Consult with a designer or build your own patio using easily printable pavers and a fill-in material like pebbles or stone dust. Remember that you aren’t limited to a rectangular design. A patio can be circular, diagonal, super skinny or whatever size and shape matches your yard.

When you’re all done, dress the area up with appropriately sized furniture, plants and even a rug that complements the patio color.

3. Purchase a Pergola

Everyone loves to curl up in a cozy cabana, but a pergola may be a better fit fo your backyard. Never heard of it? Unlike a ramada or gazebo, a pergola has a lattice-like or slatted open top, which creates a more outdoorsy airy feel and allows for partial shade. A pergola can cover a tiny dinette set, a full deck or a long pathway. Adding vines, flowers or string lights can add a romantic flair to your yard.

4. Cook Up an Outdoor Feast

Maximize your property’s space by bringing the indoors out. Building an outdoor kitchen, dining are or bar can turn your tiny bungalow into a party hotspot. In larger yards, a deck or a patio with a full kitchen of new appliances can drastically raise your home’s resale value.

If you don’t have that much room, place a table in a garden, under a shade tree or by an outdoor fireplace to create a quaint, luncheon nook.

5. Pave a Pathway

Guide visitors’ eyes and feet throughout your yard with a well-placed pathway. Stepping stones are whimsical and reminiscent of fairytales, whereas wood pallets are more structured and calming.

While stones and pavers are popular path materials you can experiment with brick, gravel, mulch, sand or even grass edged with flowers and bushes. Merge your path with a stairway to give your yard visual interest and depth.

6. Run a Water Feature

Water features are a refreshing addition to any desert yard. Add cascading or waterfall features to you pool for a truly stunning display, or install a standalone feature lined with fire pits for a dramatic contrast.

Alternatively, embrace nature with a shallow pong or meandering stream. If you’re limited on space, a classic water fountain bubbling pot or water globe can bring just a splash of fun to your yard.

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