Your Ultimate Guide to Arranging Deck Furniture

by  Lauren Lockett-Summers
Published: Aug 21, 2018

Almost everyone is guilty of rearranging furniture a handful of times before finding a layout they’re happy with. Follow these tips from the get-go to create the outdoor space of your dreams on the first try.


Pick a focal point 

Focal points are crucial to any area of the home, and they can be used to create a natural flow between indoor and outdoor areas. 

The focal point you choose, like a firepit or coffee table, will serve as the heart of your deck arrangement. 

All other furniture placement will rely heavily on this anchor. 

Pick a purpose 

Will your deck be a relaxed area for sipping coffee, or will it serve as a formal living space? 

Symmetrical layouts typically have a more formal feel while quirky pieces create a calm atmosphere for you and your guests. 

Knowing your deck’s purpose at the start will help you choose an appropriate furniture style and arrangement. 

Position like a pro

Longer pieces of furniture like loveseats and couches should be placed against the longest wall facing the focal point to create a more open seating area. 

Properly space deck furniture out to allow for traffic flow and prevent congestion in the busiest areas of your space. 

Choose pieces wisely 

The classic sofa-and-two-chairs combination is reminiscent of a finished interior look. 

If you’d like a more intimate setting, place two sofas close together so they meet at a corner. 

While you want to make the most of your deck area, be wary of over saturating it with bulky or cluttered furniture. 

Make it homey 

While seating is vital, limiting deck furniture to chairs can make the space drab and uninviting. 

Add some homey touches by incorporating side tables, a coffee table – and if you have room – a bar top. 

These pieces will make your area cozier and give guests space to place drinks and other odds and ends. 

Accessorize & organize 

Differentiate your deck by adding splashes of color with throw pillows, area rugs and plants. 

These accents will further solidify your outdoor area as an extension of the inside of your home. 

Keep your space organized by including bins and baskets to store extra decorations. 

Sketch out your plans 

Before you start moving things around, get a better picture of what the arrangement will look like by sketching your plan before committing to it. 

Incorporating this step into your design process might even inspire you to arrange your deck furniture in a way you never imagined. 

Are you ready to create your outdoor oasis? 

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