Landscaping Ideas Around Your Deck

by  Lauren Lockett-Summers
Published: Oct 21, 2019
Landscaping Ideas Around Your Deck

While a backyard deck is certainly a statement piece on it’s own, adding additional landscaping can elevate your yard to the next level. Of course, landscaping around deck areas can be challenging, as your backyard space can be limited, and you don’t want to obstruct your view. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled this list of deck landscaping ideas, categorized by raised decks, ground-level decks and pool decks.

Raised Decks

Raised decks allow you to enjoy your backyard from above, but because they’re raised, they can blend into your home. To make your raised deck stand out, you need to add some landscaping.

Emphasize the Height

The best parts of a raised deck are its height and lovely exposed wood. Because you’ll want to show both of these off with your landscaping, we recommend planting a variety of low-growing foliage. You can also add pops of larger plants to take advantage of your deck’s height without overpowering it.

Work with Your Space

Obviously, decks come in different shapes and sizes, so your landscaping needs to complement the size of your deck, not detract from it. If your deck is small, with just enough room for your grill, choose low-growing plants and evenly space them apart, so the flower beds don’t look too overgrown.

If you have a larger deck installed, you don’t want to minimize it’s expanse by over landscaping it. We recommend adding potted plants on the deck, and hedges around the deck to preserve it’s lush, retreat-like feel.

Ground-Level Decks

Similar to patios, but made with wood, ground-level decks expand your living space without the involvement of stairs. As with raised decks, there are certain landscaping tactics you can take advantage of to complement your deck.

Keep it Simple

Ground-level decks already have such great, clean lines and you don’t want your landscaping choices to mask them. Select some small-stature trees, like Junipers or succulents, to add an element of greenery, without covering the deck. You’ll want to avoid plants that will get bushy, and instead choose plants that grow vertically instead of horizontally.

Expand Your Square Footage

The great thing about ground-level decks is that even if they’re small, you can easily make them look larger with some clever landscaping. Instead of adding plants or shrubbery directly next to your wooden deck, add a stone filler or grass to create the illusion of a larger deck. Adding additional flat surfaces also allow you to utilize the rest of your backyard as you would use a larger deck.

Pool Decks

One of the best additions you can add to your pool, is a pool deck. Not only will a pool deck prevent the chlorine and pool chemicals from killing the surrounding ground, but it also creates a safer surface for your family and friends to enjoy your pool. Of course, a pool deck isn’t complete without some beautiful landscaping.

Create an Oasis

With your pool, you’re already half-way to creating a backyard oasis. Add some lush shrubs and trees, and maybe some additional water features for a total backyard escape. Choose wispy plants like European beachgrass or fescue for an airy, tropical appearance, and don’t forget to make room for your lounge chairs!

Work with the Sun

Shady days are nice, but not when you want to go swimming. Although you can’t control your pool placement if it’s already in your backyard, you can make the pool look warmer with some clever landscaping. Give your pool a California or Arizona look by choosing gravel over mulch and select evergreen shrubs and grass for a light, warm look.

We certainly hope this guide on landscaping around your deck has been helpful and has inspired you to add a deck to your home. Whether you’re ready to add a deck today, or still have a few more questions, give our deck experts at Austex a call!

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