How to Use Your Deck in the Fall

by  Lauren Lockett-Summers
Published: Dec 08, 2020
How to Use Your Deck in the Fall

Just because the weather is cooling down doesn’t mean you have to move your entertaining and outdoor living indoors! There are plenty of ways you can take full advantage of your Central Texas outdoor deck in the cooler seasons; gather some inspiration from our top ideas below!

1. Add Heat

The first thing that comes to mind when spending time outdoors in the fall is how to regulate the temperature. Depending on where you live, autumn may be rather mild, or it may already be snowing. Either way, adding a heat source is not only a beautiful focal point for the outdoor space, but a practical one too. Of course, there are plenty of heating options available:

  • Fire Pits: Perfect for family gatherings, fire pits allow an entire group to congregate around the heat source. Fire pits can be dressed up or down, whatever your backyard aesthetic is.
  • Heat Lamps: For those looking for a more portable heat source, consider a heat lamp. Heat lamps provide moveable and adjustable heat – perfect for parties and moving around.
  • Table-Top Fireplaces: If space is limited, or you want to make a smaller investment, consider adding a table-top fireplace. Usually propane-powered, table-top fireplaces look modern and sleek.

2. Install a Pergola

pergola on deck

To help contain that heat and provide protection against the fall weather elements, consider adding a pergola. Although the fall weather is a perfect excuse to add a pergola to your deck, the benefits of pergolas last year-round. Pergolas give your deck a more room-like feel, shade it from the sun, and can provide the perfect place for landscaping to thrive.

Wood is the best material to use in pergolas, which means they are extremely low maintenance; all that is required is to stain the wood every few years. Not only will the wood stain provide beautiful and lasting color, but it protects the wood from premature decay. Simply select the color that best compliments your deck and outdoor space.

3. Light It Up

After the daylight savings change, it gets dark incredibly early. Instead of staying indoors, add a variety of outdoor lighting so you can enjoy your deck no matter the level of darkness.

  • Solar Lights: The easiest to install, solar lights come in a variety of variations. Whether you stick them in the ground surrounding your deck, add them to the railing, or place them on your steps, solar lights will provide light as long as the day had some sunshine. Of course, since they are dependent on the day’s sun, they can be finicky.
  • String Lights: Trendy and versatile, string lights are making their way into backyards across the country. Wrap them around your deck railings or drape them from your roof down to the deck for ambiance.
  • Electric-Powered Lights: If you haven’t built your deck yet, adding electricity-powered lighting is a snap. If your deck is already installed it can still be added, but if you don’t have outlets readily available you may need to hire an electrician to install them in convenient places.

With a few minutes of planning, your deck can be used the entire year! If you’re ready to add a deck to your space, give Austex a call. We offer complimentary consultations and look forward to hearing about your project.

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