How to Ensure You’re Getting an Accurate Fencing Estimate

by  Lauren Lockett-Summers
Published: Jan 20, 2020
How to Ensure You’re Getting an Accurate Fencing Estimate

Adding a new fence to your backyard is a big undertaking, so you want to guarantee it’s done correctly and efficiently, as well as completed within your budget. The first step to making sure you’re getting everything you want from your fence and more, is by getting an accurate fencing estimate. While most people assume an estimate for a fence will just include the final price, an accurate and trustworthy fencing estimate should include much more. To ensure you’re getting the most accurate fencing estimate possible, make sure you’re discussing the following topics with the fencing companies you contact.

Will Permits Be Pulled?

In Austin, permits are often needed when you’re looking to install a backyard fence that’s taller than eight feet, or a fence taller than 3.5 feet in your front yard. If either of these situations apply to your fencing project, then it is often the owner’s responsibility to pull a permit with the city. More often than not, a permit is not needed. Additionally, if you are a part of a HOA, it is best to contact them for approval.

Will the Company Locate Utilities?

Locating utilities, or contacting the county to pinpoint the location of utilities takes time, and if you’re expecting your fencing company to provide you with utility line locations, some companies will expect you to pay for it. If your fencing project requires that underground utility lines are located, make sure that cost is included in your estimate. However, here at Austex we do the manual work for you! We take the time to call the city and they will diligently mark the location of the utilities on your property. Austex does this at no cost to the customer. It’s just another way we provide banner customer service.

Fence Blockers or Hinderances

Depending on the layout of your property, you may have features or elevation changes that could make your fence installation a bit more difficult and cause your final quote price to go up. If your fencing company is doing an on-site quote, they should note these potential issues and bring them to your attention. If nobody brings these blockers and hinderances up, you might want to double-check why they’re not being included in your quote, as they will almost always bring up the price of your installation.

Included Warranties

Ask the fencing company what sort of warranty and guarantees they offer and clarify if their warranty covers just the materials or if it covers the labor too. This will give you peace of mind that if there were faulty parts used or a hasty installation, that the issues will be rectified on the fencing company’s dime.

What is the Installation Timeline?

Although you may like the final price the fencing company proposed, if they can’t take on your project for a few months, you probably do not want to move forward with them. It’s important to get all these details hammered out (pun intended!) now so if the company doesn’t fulfill their promises you can pull out the written estimate as proof of agreement.

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