4 Ways to Use Your Outdoor Deck in the Winter

by  Lauren Lockett-Summers
Published: Jan 02, 2019
4 Ways to Use Your Outdoor Deck in the Winter

We live on our decks in the summer – enjoying the sunshine, reading outdoors and watching the children play. When the weather starts to get cooler however, our decks become less and less used. We want your outdoor spaces to be usable year-round, so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ways to use your deck in the winter.

Add Space Heaters

What’s the number one reason we don’t spend time on our decks in the winter? The cold. Nobody wants to sit outside in freezing weather, no matter how nice your outdoor space may be. You can easily heat up your outdoor deck by adding space heaters. Space heaters come in a variety of sizes, styles and types, so you be sure to find one that will fit your needs.

Place the space heaters where you spend the most time on your deck in the summer. Whether that’s next to a cozy reading chair, or next to the railing with the best view, you will want to maximize your use of the space heaters by placing them in popular places. A space heater has a limited radius that it can warm, so it won’t do any good if it’s over in the corner where nobody hangs out.

Install a Hot Tub

The best way to be outside in the winter is from a seat in your jacuzzi. There are more and more affordable hot tubs coming into the market that can be easily placed and installed on your deck. Hot tubs are a great way enjoy the cold months with family and friends, but be sure to talk to your deck experts at Austex before installing! Some decks can be damaged by the water and chemicals that are necessary for hot tubs.

Add Lights

Although adding Christmas lights to your deck can be festive, we encourage you to install high-powered outdoor lighting for security and usability. As it gets colder, the days get shorter and we live much of our lives in darkness. By adding outdoor lighting to your backyard you will actually be able to use your deck when it’s dark. Not only will your deck be usable, but it will be much safer for your family and friends to be outside.

Install a Patio Cover

Having a professional install a patio cover on your deck will protect it from snow, water, wind and anything that could potentially damage your deck. It will also enable you to enjoy sitting outside on your deck without having to be bothered by those winter elements. The bonus with patio covers is that you will also find them just as useful in the summertime to keep your deck cool and protect it from the sun.

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