15 Types of Wood Fences That Look Great & Provide Privacy

If you think that a wood fence is boring or plain, you haven’t seen the wide selection of wood fence styles we offer!

Wood fences are popular because of the privacy they provide, but there are so many wood fence materials, styles and variations that can be used to add character and style to your home and backyard as well.

Below we will go over some of our most popular wood fencing types – there will sure to be one (or multiple) that will suit your needs!

Parts of a Wood Fence

While you may just assume a typical wood fence consists of pickets, there are actually a few different components of wood fences. Besides pickets to complete your fence you need rails and posts.

With all three wood fence components, and professional fence installation, you can expect to enjoy a stable and complete fence for years to come.

Below we will dive into the three main parts of a wood fence and the role they play in fence stability.

Six Clever Ways to Transform Your Backyard

With temperatures warming up, now’s the perfect time to start hanging out in the backyard. However, you may notice that your yard has seen better days, especially if you didn’t maintain it this winter. Too many people treat their yards like wasters of space, but with the right additions, they can add enormous value and beauty to your property. Breath some life back into your yard with these six renovation ideas.

How to Care for Your Deck

Deck Maintenance - Austex Fence & Deck

How to Care for Your Deck

The days are quickly heating up here in Texas, so many homeowners are taking to the outdoors to get their yards ready for summer cookouts and parties. Although mowing the lawn and doing some landscaping should be on your to-do list, the heart of your backyard entertainment space is your deck, which likely requires some TLC if it’s going to be used extensively this year.

How a Pool Fence Can Save Lives

Pool Safety - Austex Fence Deck

Summer is all about fun in the sun. Trips to the beach, sleeping in late and hours spent by the pool are surefire signs that summer is in full swing. But what happens when those fun activities turn into tragedy?

How to Choose a Deck Material

Deck Materials - Austex Fence Deck

A deck is a huge investment in your outdoor space, and if you’re going to take on such a large project, you want to be sure it will last. Part of the key to a deck’s longevity is the material you choose. Here are the pros and cons of some of the most popular deck material options.

Is It Safe to Grill on a Wooden Deck?

Luckily for grilling maestros, when you take proper precautions to protect a wood deck from the hazards of cooking, a fire is highly unlikely to break out.

Grilling On A Wooden Deck - Austex Fence & Deck

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), an average of 16,600 patients were admitted to emergency rooms with grill-related injuries between 2012 and 2016.

Wood decks are a popular location for grilling, and it’s common knowledge that wood and fire don’t mix. If you own a wood deck and want to grill on your deck read the following tips.

Your Ultimate Guide to Arranging Deck Furniture

Almost everyone is guilty of rearranging furniture a handful of times before finding a layout they’re happy with. Follow these tips from the get-go to create the outdoor space of your dreams on the first try.